Nylon 12 is one of the "newest" Nylons being used in 3D printing. Although used for years as a material in machined parts and more recently for SLS rapid prototyping of parts, it is an excellent material for use in 3D printers. The vast amount of products and uses include; metal coatings, cosmetics, packaging materials in the food and pharmaceutical industries, automotive applications, sports equipment, hoses and now 3D Printing. Although Nylon 12 Filament is not as widely used as its predecessor Nylon 6-6, ABS or PLA, this polymer has excellent physical properties that make it truly beneficial in many ways. Technically it contains less organic compounds (amides) that help prevent issues found in other nylon compounds.

Here are a few of our current products... Click on any items or the Shop Now button at the top to take you to the full store.. Don't forget to look at our discounts!! Also; Get a FREE 5ML BOTTLE OF FUBAR GLUE with your order when you purchase at least one Nylon 12 Filament product! Or, get a FREE 50ft SAMPLE PACK OF NYLON 12 FILAMENT with your order, when you purchase any size bottle of Fubar Glue!..


1 Kg Roll

This is our NYLON 12 - 1 Kg (2.2lb) filament roll. Currently we are producing this in 1.75mm diameter thickness. It is a Natural color. We are in the process of testing the production of white NYLON 12 and black NYLON 11 which will be the same 1.75mm in diameter. There are no plans in the near future to have colorized versions. Diameter tolerance of 0.05mm or better.

0.227Kg (0.5lb) Roll

Also NYLON 12 - a 0.227 Kg (0.5lb) filament roll. Produced in a 1.75mm diameter thickness and Natural in color. We are in the process of testing the production of white NYLON 12 and black NYLON 11 which will be the same 1.75mm in diameter. There are no plans in the near future to have colorized versions. Diameter tolerance of 0.05mm or better.

Sample Pack - 50 ft

This is a sample pack containing 50+ ft of NYLON 12 material produced in a 1.75mm diameter thickness. It is natural or white in color. When available, we will be selling NYLON 11 which will be the same 1.75mm in diameter but will be black in color. There are no plans in the near future to have colorized versions. Diameter tolerance of 0.05mm or better.


We are now selling a new product line called "FUBAR GLUE". FUBAR | (Fix Up By Adhering the Raft) | GLUE was formulated to meet the need of 3d printing enthusiasts that have problems keeping their prints from lifting and warping off the printer build bed. Originally manufactured for use with our NYLON 12 Filament and other nylon filaments, after testing, it was found to work great with most other filaments available. It has been tested on many types of materials found in the construction of printer beds such as glass and aluminum. There are 5 convenient sizes: 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 30ml & 50ml b0ttles. Approximately 25 drops are necessary to coat a typical 8"x8" bed. We've had great success with being able to use one coating of the glue with more than one 3d print completed on it. Of course this will depend on the size and complexity of the print, temperatures of the bed and overall care taken not to scrape and damage the coating in between prints. It will be well worth trying on your 3d printer! Choose the size that's right for your printing needs...


Print beds come in many sizes, shapes and materials. One of the most common sizes is a bed measuring approximately 8″x8″ and it is a heated bed. When printing with Nylon 12 and many other filaments you need a heated bed. For the Nylon 12...settings are: Bed temp is 100°C on first layer... Increase to 110°C for the rest of the layers. We run the extruder at 260c on an I3 Prusa... (The general range is 235 to 265°C).

The most important things to do for the glue to work the best...

Clean the bed thoroughly... Let it dry completely. Use a paper towel with alcohol and wipe the bed down well. (We use a mirror to print on from a craft store) and this will remove all oils. Let the bed dry. I put 15 - 20 small drops of glue at one side of the glass bed. Then I use the scraper blade or a squeegee to spread evenly in one direction (usually taking just two strokes of the squeegee to get a thin complete layer across the bed). More glue is not better. (You want a thin even coat). Let air dry... do not put it back on the heated bed to dry. Doing so drives out moisture from the glue and will not work well. It will be almost 100% clear when completely dry...(takes about 3-4 minutes). If you use too much it will take a long time to dry and not be as clear as it should be. It now ready to use...That’s it! (Note: Depending on the material you are using, for example PLA, many printers don’t even have a heated bed but still need an “adhesive” to stop the prints from moving, lifting or warping. So don’t forget to use some even when not using Nylon 12 filament!) Nozzle temperature for running Nylon 12 should be 240-265°C depending on speed and equipment capabilities and other printer settings. We also print a 0.25mm layer. When your print is complete, turn off the heated bed temperature and this will make it much easier to remove.

We have tested/printed on one coating of glue upwards of 15 times and not had to remove and replace it. Sometimes we would add several drops of warm water to the existing coating on the bed, then, lightly wipe the material around the platform bed to recoat the surface. The parts weren’t complex but worked just fine. For more complex pieces 10+ prints on the same coating were not uncommon. The glue dissolves readily in a little warm water. It will loosen the part and you will be able to remove it quite easily from the bed if you need too. Your overall experience may certainly differ due to experience level, machine, filament used, temperature settings, and even room and material conditions. Our experiences may differ completely from yours.

We would also like to thank Fubar Labs for all their help testing our filament and glue, providing equipment availability and showcasing our product in maker fairs.