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Nylon 12 Filament Products

Nylon 12 Filament Products

Like many individuals in the tech fields, we have a great deal of imagination when looking at a vision of what will be taking place in the coming years with 3D printing applications.

Taking a step back and looking at what people seem to want most is the greatest selection of materials available to print with. There certainly has been many new products developed over the last several years.

With over 50 years in the chemical and plastics business, we felt we had the technical expertise to provide a brand new product like Nylon 12 Filament.

Over two years of developing the equipment and running conditions for the extrusion process has brought us to the point of offering Nylon 12 Filament for sale. We continuously have individuals testing the material and providing us with their thoughts, issues and running conditions for their printers.

We are currently processing 1KG (2.2lbs). 0.5Kg (1.1lb) and 0.227Kg (1/2lb) Rolls of Nylon 12 Filament. It is natural in color. We also have available, 100ft & 50 FT sample packs of natural material as well. These materials are all 1.75mm diameter products.

Our product line also includes 5 convenient sizes of our 3D printer bed glue; FUBAR GLUE. (Fix Up By Adhering the Raft) It was originally formulated to use while running our Nylon 12 Filament, but have found that it works great on most other filament types as well. This is especially true for use when running PLA and ABS, two standards in the world of 3D printing. No more blue painters tape, hairspray or mixing up concoctions using acetone to do your 3Dprinting.

Although our vision started in New Jersey we now have an additional location in North Carolina. Our companies are Radical Design Machine LLC in NJ and RDM2 LLC in NC.

Contact us at Support@rdmfilament.com

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