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Nylon 12 Filament Multi-Product Packages

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Nylon 12 Filament Technical Specifications

Nylon-based resin. High impact resistance and elongation to break, with high temperature resistance and environmental stability. For applications requiring extreme durability….. (Technical Spec Sheet)

Why print with Nylon 12 Filament?

Everyone using a 3D printer today is familiar with many of the different filaments available for printing. PLA and ABS are the two most common materials. They are widely available around the world from manufacturers, local producers, specialty houses and even hobbyists.

If you print with PLA , while it’s fairly strong, it’s also very brittle. Parts that are used in the outdoors cannot be left in temperatures above 100F.

ABS is more robust than PLA, but ABS parts lack the sheer strength needed for functional 3D printed parts. This is where Nylon 12 Filament comes in to play. (Read More…)

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One of the foremost complaints when using other printing filaments is the absorption of moisture. Whether in the original raw material before extrusion or after sitting in a finished product “Filament Material” moisture can cause end use problems while using it for printing. Because of the long “hydrocarbon chain length” found in processed Nylon 12, it absorbs very little moisture. Table 1 provides comparisons of Nylon 12 to other materials… (Read More)

Top 25 Things you Need to Know & Learn About Before Buying a 3D Printer

Before you run out and buy a new 3d printer, there really are many things you need to know and learn about. There are so many options and different print quality characteristics you should concern yourself with before laying out the money. Taking some time now to understand the difference between what’s available and what you really want can make all the difference in the long run. To find out more check the article on the top 25 watch outs. (Read More…)