NYLON 12 Filament – 1KG(2.2lb) Roll – Natural Color

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Nylon 12 is one of the “newest” Nylons being used in 3D printing. Although used for years as a material in machined parts and more recently for SLS rapid prototyping of parts, it is an excellent material for use in 3D printers.

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NYLON 12– a 1Kg (2.2lb) filament roll. This product is a Natural Color 3D printing filament. There are no additives and it is not a co-polymer. It contains 1Kg or 2.2lb of product. The diameter is 1.75mm with a tolerance of 0.05mm or better.

Our NYLON 12 Filament is a high strength, flexible, durable polymer. Other filaments sold in the “Nylon” category are co-polymers made from several materials and using additives for stability and as a binder. They work great and have their own unique qualities. Our material does not incorporate “other” materials. It is processed using only Nylon 12 and provides additional characteristics for 3D printed projects. Get one FREE 5mL bottle of Fubar Glue with your order when you purchase at least one Nylon 12 Filament product! Just add it to your cart and the price will be adjusted out for the Free 5ml sample of glue….



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Weight 0.868 kg
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 54 mm